COVERGIRL and Sofia Vergara: Wins on Video, Loses in Print

When I discovered that Sofia Vergara would act as one of the celebrity endorsers for COVERGIRL, my immediate reaction was “Yes! I love her!”.  While I don’t normally get excited for celebrity endorsers, Sofia Vergara has such a big, fun personality (as Gloria on Modern Family and as herself on the red carpet) that I couldn’t help but root for her.

Having the right celebrity endorse a product is almost like hearing a friend’s recommendation. There’s an implicit level of trust. After all, celebrities spend countless dollars and hours promoting a brand for us to remember and recognize them by–to feel as if we know them. And if an individual that I feel like I “know” tells me to buy a product, it carries more weight than some stranger.  That’s why the most effective endorsements play into what the viewers “know” about a celebrity into the company’s product pitch.

In Sofia’s case, her brand is well-established. Funny. Loud. Columbiana. Flirty. Smiley. See how well her personality/brand shines through in the COVERGIRL commercial below.

That commercial works for me . I feel as if my friend is telling me to use a fun new product! I can’t wait to try it! Because  Sofia Vergara’s personalities (in this case, both of them) come through, the recommendation seem sincere. It even enforces the company tagline by celebrating her idiosyncrasies.  Any girl can be “easy, breezy, beautiful” by purchasing COVERGIRL. Win. And this segment on The Ellen DeGeneres Show? An even bigger win! I couldn’t stop laughing.

After loving COVERGIRL’s direction on video, imagine my disappointment at this magazine spread. And she’s even wearing the same dress!

Rather than maximize the endorsement, COVERGIRL made Sofia Vergara look indistinguishable. I couldn’t even tell it was her until I read the label! Why spring for a celebrity endorser just to make her look like any other model? All the personality and genuineness from the television ads is absent. Where’s all the “easy, breezy, beautiful” feel?

Sure, it could be said that it’s easier to capture personality on television than in a single photo shot. And yes, this ad only features Sofia, not the hysterical pairing with fellow comedienne Ellen DeGeneres. But still. Show me a smile! Remind me that this is someone I already know and like! I look forward to seeing the spark from the video ignite the print. And maybe watching an episode of Modern Family later on tonight.

Thanks for reading! Lindsey Kirchoff

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