Why You Should Post on Sundays

Sundays always have had the reputation of being lazy. It’s the day where no one really wants to do anything. But, if you’re reaching out to the twentysomething or college market, Sundays can represent a real opportunity for you to stand out.  Here’s three reasons you should be posting on Sundays.

3. More Demand

For me, Sundays are procrastination days. I usually spend the day in the library catching up on homework that I should have started earlier. If I don’t have homework, I’ll run errands or do chores.  And even if I’m ahead on all of that, the chances that my friends are free to hang out are pretty slim. Basically, today’s the day where I need distraction the most.  While I’m in school, that means a much-needed study break. Out of school, that means entertainment when no one wants to hang out and you’re in the house alone.  Either way, today’s the day where I’m the most hungry for new content.

2. Less Competition

Unfortunately for me, the Internet is pretty slow on Sundays. Even websites notorious for posting new content constantly (yes, I’m looking at you Perez Hilton!) don’t update as frequently.  That means that I’m more likely to read whatever new content is up.

If you want a college kid or twentysomething to read your content, you’ll have significantly less competition today.  Not only am I more likely to see your updated content, but I am much more likely to read it closely. Much more so than on a day where five of my favorite websites post new articles.

1. Jumpstart the Week

Even if I’m totally wrong and no one reads the content that you posted on Sunday, you will still have an advantage of starting off the week ahead of the eight ball.

There’s a reason people will sit down and read a whole newspaper on Sunday and not on other days of the week. They’re hungry for content! And with less competition online, they’re more likely to read yours. Even if they don’t, you’ll be starting off the week ahead of the game with new update. What do you really have to lose?

Thanks for reading! Lindsey Kirchoff

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2 thoughts on “Why You Should Post on Sundays

  1. serenityluv1 says:

    I always find that the weekends are my slowest days. Seems like everyone is out and about and don’t sit down and read. Or maybe it’s just my page! LOL! However, I posted something today anyways just in case…

  2. It has been slow today for me too! Maybe other people just have more interesting Sundays than me haha. I know I’m always looking for something to procrastinate with! We’ll have to see if this theory shakes out. In the meantime, I’ll have to check out your blog and your Sunday post. Thanks for reading :)

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