The Lunch Table Analogy 1: Why You Need to Get Specific About Demographics

Last night I attended an online networking event for bloggers through Brazen Careerist. I found it incredibly helpful and got some great advice. As a very recent blogger (happy 1- week birthday blog!), I thought I would be doing a lot more asking questions than answering them. However, a few questions were asked of me over and over.

“Where do people your age hang out online?””How do I attract a younger audience through my blog?”

These are great questions! It makes me excited that people out there are asking them. However, there’s more to it than that. The truth is, the college student and twentysomething demographic is huge. According to the US 2010 Census, there are 21.5 million people in the US between the ages of 20-24. When your only qualification is “young” or “college student”, you might be thinking too broadly. It all depends on who you are and who you’re trying to reach.

If you’re just starting to break into the college market, or if you’re there already and want to increase engagement it’s time to:

Get specific about the people you’re targeting.

Think about your high school. What did the people there have in common? Sure, they were all students at the same school in the same age group and area. They probably all cheered for the same football team against a rival school and maybe had teachers in common. But other than that? Did they all sit together at lunch?

“Mean Girls” seems to think otherwise.

They separated into groups based on their common interests. Lunch table cliques. This grouping still happens in college. People are naturally drawn to people with similar interests. The good news is that college students are more likely to interact with lots of different groups, which makes it easier to get the word out.

Think about what types of people are already interested in your content. Think about your most likely cheerleaders. What is their personality type? What are their interests? Where does that specific group of people hang out online? Within the young/collegiate demographic, what’s your ideal “lunch table” and who’s sitting there?

Find the lunch table of your ideal audience members, engage them and they will be your advocates. But how do you go about doing all that? Click here to Part 2 to find out.

Thanks for reading! Lindsey Kirchoff

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