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How The Oscars Didn’t Market to Me–And Why That’s Okay

For the Oscars this year, my family and I decided to have a little competition.  In a ballot, we guessed who would win for each award category and whoever got the most correct guesses would get the $20 pool.

They get an Oscar, we get $20. Sounds about right.

Out of the 24 awards presented, the final scores at the end of the night were… Continue reading

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What We Really Think: Annonymous Reviews vs. Personal Recommendations

Anyone can do research on milllennials. But what we’re actually thinking? For that, you’d need to ask one. In the “What We Really Think” posts, I compare what the market research says I do to what I actually do. How close or far-off are they?

First up, how do millennials weigh online reviews from strangers to friends’ recommendations? Let the research/life experience battle begin!

Everyone knows that social media influences millennials’ purchasing decisions, but did you know that they just as likely to be swayed by anonymous comments on a company website?   According to this eMarketer report, twentysomethings rely just as much on strangers on the internet as they do their friends and family when it comes to getting the scoop on a company. In fact, they actually favor anonymous comments on a company website slightly higher than their own friends and family. Ouch.

Here’s what the data says.

I know you like this restaurant Aunt Sara, but proudfoodie86 only gave it two stars so….maybe next time?

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Businesses Doing Good: StarchTech Packing Peanuts

This  “Business Doing Good” feature addresses some of the environmental impacts of the packaging system. You probably already know that Stryofoam is really terrible for the environment. I remember learning all about how Styrofoam is not biodegradable and made of petroleum  in my third grade Ecology Club (yes, I was a super cool kid).  Despite the negative environmental effects, Styrofoam is used frequently in packaging and shipping in the form of those multi-colored packing peanuts.

Good luck cleaning up all of these!

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College Kids vs. Twentysomethings: Television Habits Part 2

In light of the Super Bowl, I wrote a two-part article about the difference between college kids’ and twentysomethings’ television habits. When you think about it, the twentysomething lifestyle is completely different from the college lifestyle– it makes sense that their television habits would be different as well. Yesterday, I covered college kids, who mostly watch television live for social events and through other mediums for personal use. But what about the twentysomethings? Play us in Jamie Cullum!

Story of my life.

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College Kids vs. Twentysomethings: Television Habits Part 1

With the Super Bowl on last night (an interesting time to be in Boston), I started to think about advertising on television. How effective are commercials at reaching college kids and twentysomethings?

This one makes me want to graduate. Without a mini-fridge.

Most of the time, I talk about college kids and twentysomethings interchangeably.  The two groups overlap frequently and tend to have a lot in common, so many times it makes sense to lump the two together. However, there are a few areas in which the two groups are very different. One of them is television habits. In this two-part article, I will explore the television habits of college kids and twentysomethings and how advertisers can play those habits to their advantage.

First up, college kids. Stay tuned for the second half on twentysomethings. Ready? Play ball!

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Welcome Back!

I took a little vacation from the blog to work on the technical side. So, what’s new?

*A re-designed homepage easier to browse articles

*An easy-to-navigate sidebar: It took a lot longer than you would think (a million thanks to Sean Nilan for your help!), but now it’s beautiful and perfect.

*An Ask Me Anything section: Fire away! I’ll post my favorite ones. Extra points for creativity/ridiculousness. Negative points for anything gross.

*A Hire Me page

*A Weekly “Businesses Doing Good” Feature: Because it’s time recognize companies that are doing awesome things. See my first two feature companies/businesses here and here, and stay tuned for this week’s entry.

Whew, it makes me tired just writing it all. So happy to get back into the writing side! I hope you like the new features and I’d love to hear what you think. Thanks for reading!

Get Excited….

I know it’s been a little slow this week, but I’ve been working on a few technical aspects of the blog to go live soon.  Get excited for a more streamlined look, easier sharing features, better navigation and most importantly…new content! Stay tuned for changes. I look forward to hearing your feedback.

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