College Kids vs. Twentysomethings: Television Habits Part 2

In light of the Super Bowl, I wrote a two-part article about the difference between college kids’ and twentysomethings’ television habits. When you think about it, the twentysomething lifestyle is completely different from the college lifestyle– it makes sense that their television habits would be different as well. Yesterday, I covered college kids, who mostly watch television live for social events and through other mediums for personal use. But what about the twentysomethings? Play us in Jamie Cullum!

Story of my life.

Twentysomethings: Live Television and Channel Surfing

To get the proper perspective on the television habits of the young working professional, I decided to talk to my favorite twentysomething and trusted resource–my older brother Blair.

Blair is a twentysomething salesman for an alcohol distributor who spends the majority of his workweek driving to grocery stores to set up displays and manage accounts. Most days when he gets home, he’ll work out, make some dinner and watch tv.

Here’s how he describes his routine, “When I get home, I don’t have much to do. I come home and it’s like, what shows can I watch?”

In a world without homework, readings or papers due the next day, twentysomething professionals have a regularly open block of time to relax.  Compared to the college kid, catching up on his or her favorite shows during a 12:30am study break, young twentysomething professionals have a much more scheduled lifestyle that favors watching television live in a non-social setting.

Viewing live television more frequently creates another interesting difference: twentysomethings are much more open to new programming than college students.  While the college kid is on Hulu setting out to watch a specific show she missed live, the twentysomething is channel-surfing, looking to fill his block of free time.

“I definitely have shows that I look forward to when I get home, but I’m always trying to find something new. I’m absolutely more likely to watch new shows and flip through channels. I started watching Swamp People the other night while flipping through channels and now I watch it regularly. I would have never watched it in college”, says Blair.

I’m totally getting him overalls for Christmas.

Thanks for reading! Lindsey Kirchoff

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