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Why More and More Millennials Drink Craft Beer

Even though I wrote about how wine and spirits are pretty popular with the twentysomething generation, beer still dominates. Yet probably not in the way you think. To conclude my spring break alcohol theme, here’s a breakdown of what beer millennials drink and the forces that influence those decisions. Continue reading

What We Really Think: Beer, Spirits and Wine

I’m writing this to you from sunny Florida and I couldn’t be happier. It’s spring break! The time for experiencing new cultures, soaking up the sun and…drinking.

Today, I’m writing about what current market research states about twentysomething drinking habits compared to what our habits actually are. First up, do millennials prefer beer, spirits or wine? Continue reading

Showing Not Telling: Why This Columbia Commercial Works

It hasn’t been a cold winter in Boston this year, but I remember it was last year. Snowbanks as tall as cars! I could have used a Columbia jacket right about then. Even if I wasn’t going as crazy as the people in this commercial.


What I like about this commercial is that it focuses on showing, not telling.  Columbia could have explained how the omni-heat technology worked, asked someone famous to appear in the commercial, or quoted customer testimonials.  But instead, the company showed me. And you know what? I bought it. Their jackets are so warm that you can make a snow angel in a bikini. What more proof do you really need?

Thanks for reading and Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Hope you’re wearing green. Lindsey Kirchoff

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Video Interview with Sam Sommers, Author of Situations Matter

What’s the best way to know how your customers think? Ask a social psychologist of course!

Today, I’m talking to Sam Sommers. He literally wrote the book on context-based thinking (my review here), blogs for Psychology Today, and, as an award-winning professor at Tufts University, works with college kids like me full-time.  Who better to talk to about getting in the college demographic’s head?

Check out this short video where we discuss the marketing applications behind the principles in his book.  Enjoy!

Want to hear more about Sommers’ blogging process and his thoughts on the college demographic? See more after the jump! Continue reading

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The Hostess Effect: Why College Kids Splurge on Others, But Not Selves

Last week, I had my friend Rebecca over for dinner. Being grown up and all, I made her shepherd’s pie. Not to brag or anything, but it was delicious. Guess what I had for dinner the night after? Cereal. Then Easy Mac half an hour later.

Oh college nutrition.

The difference? One night, I was eating just for myself. The other night? Why, I was playing hostess! Continue reading

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Self-Deprecation in Advertising: How Kotex Campaign “Gets” Me

Who wants to watch a commercial about tampons? Not me. Usually. But I love what Kotex did with this ad.

It gets me. Even more than those wizards at end.

Advertising for feminine hygiene products can’t be an easy job. Almost every woman needs them, but 99% of them don’t want to talk about it.  In honor of International Women’s Day tomorrow and all the women’s health buzz in the media lately, I want to talk about how Kotex is doing some really cool things. Cool things that helped the brand pass the billion dollar mark just last month. Continue reading

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Social Psychology and Marketing: What I Learned From Situations Matter

As an English dual major and self-proclaimed bookworm, I do my best to read as much as I can in my spare time. I recently stumbled upon Situations Matter by Sam Sommers**. The vibe is very similar to another of my favorite nonfiction writers, Malcolm Gladwell. Like Gladwell, Sommers covers social psychology phenomena in a very relevant and entertaining manner perfect for introductory readers.  Sommers, however, uses a lot more Seinfeld examples. Count me in!

Here’s a nifty youtube book preview (isn’t it wild that people are doing that?).

Continue reading

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