Video Interview with Sam Sommers, Author of Situations Matter

What’s the best way to know how your customers think? Ask a social psychologist of course!

Today, I’m talking to Sam Sommers. He literally wrote the book on context-based thinking (my review here), blogs for Psychology Today, and, as an award-winning professor at Tufts University, works with college kids like me full-time.  Who better to talk to about getting in the college demographic’s head?

Check out this short video where we discuss the marketing applications behind the principles in his book.  Enjoy!

Want to hear more about Sommers’ blogging process and his thoughts on the college demographic? See more after the jump!

Next up, Sommers goes more in depth on the best ways to communicate with college students based on his experience as a professor.

Here Sommers discusses blogging techniques and habits based on his years blogging for Psychology Today.

Thanks for reading (and watching!). Lindsey Kirchoff

**Full Disclosure: Sam Sommers is one of my previous professors at Tufts University. I enjoyed his class, so when his book came out, I was excited to read it. I’m not a student of his anymore, so blogging about his book doesn’t affect my GPA.

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