Dr. Scholl’s and The Right Way to Do Print Advertising

Most marketing experts these days will tell you that the best way to reach millennials is through the internet. And most of the time, they’re right. Sometimes though, you just can’t beat an old-fashioned print ad in the right place at the right time.

My housemate Erin snapped a shot of this advertisement in the girls’ bathroom at a dance club.

Now, I would not normally consider myself as a candidate for foot-care products. As I’ve written about here, college students will splurge on fun purchases (like iPads and spring break trips) but really scrimp on “boring” items (like personal hygiene products). Most of Dr. Scholl’s products, which include shoe inserts and foot creams, fall into the latter category.

But anyone who has worn heels all night knows that your feet are not happy with you. While you escape to the bathroom for a chance to sit down and take some of the pressure off (yes fellas, they’re really that uncomfortable), voila! Here’s an advertisement offering you a solution.

Not only is the ad extremely well-placed, but using Stacy London as a celebrity endorser was also an excellent choice. I dare you to find a millennial woman who hasn’t seen What Not To Wear (the ones who say they haven’t are lying). As I said when I analyzed L’Oreal’s COVERGIRL choice of Sofia Vergara, the best celebrity endorsers are portrayed in the context that consumers see them in the most often. For people who wear heels and subscribe to the mantra that beauty is pain, this TLC fashion expert lets you know that these shoes are still fashionable–which is basically her job on television.

As marketing firm Holland-Mark CEO Chris Colbert said in a class lecture, if internet advertising were the silver bullet, then Google wouldn’t be doing television commercials. Seeing this ad online when you’re feet aren’t hurting from heels doesn’t have nearly the same impact. Print advertisement can still reach the millennial generation–just ask Dr. Scholl.

Thanks for reading! Lindsey Kirchoff

3 thoughts on “Dr. Scholl’s and The Right Way to Do Print Advertising

  1. Great post. It shows that smart marketing is knowing who you’re trying to reach and being where they are.

    • Anna says:

      I have definitely seen this hppaen with reviews in a different industry I worked in previously. Each year they held a bid to determine the ranking order. The review company would be paid per click (lead), the higher ranking companies paid more per click. Some reviews were industry exclusive while others reviewed everything from consumer electronics to financial services, which made them appear trustworthy. While there are some legitimate review companies out there, it is imperative that you do more research on the review company as well as the company being reviewed.

  2. Thanks Bill! I feel exactly the same way.

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