3 Posts About Marketing & The Olympics That You Need To Read

You can’t turn on the television or get online without someone talking about this year’s Olympics. Here are some of the articles you don’t want to miss!

Web Ink Now: “Awesome near real-time AT&T television commercial breaks through Olympics ad clutter”

A true example of “newsjacking”, or using marketing to capitalize on events as they’re happening, AT&T did something really nifty with their newest commercial. I don’t want to spoil the surprise, but check out how agency BBDO newsjacked real-time Olympic results with television commercials filmed months in advance.

Business News Daily: “Female Olympians Don’t Get Endorsement Gold”

One of my favorite parts of the Olympics is watching athletes get the respect that they deserve for their amazing abilities–regardless of gender. Yet, after Team USA comes home, female endorsers see much less success than their male counterparts. While it’s not a pleasant reality, I’m glad it’s a question Business News Daily brings up. Luckily for the reader, it also offers an answer to help marketers do better.

{Grow}: “What NBC’s Olympic Coverage Teaches About Content Marketing”

Very relevant read for copywriters, bloggers and authors on what makes content compelling. By using the Olympics as an example, Stanford Smith walks the reader through important elements of creating content that inspires. More than an reminder, Smith’s piece acts as checklist for writers before publishing by bringing up important questions.

My third Boston business profile will be up next week. Until then, enjoy the weekend and cheering on Team USA! Thanks for reading, Lindsey Kirchoff.

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