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Sonicbids: Turning Brands into Rockstars

For my final innovative Boston marketing profile, I’m writing about Sonicbids.** To see how other Boston companies are innovating the marketing world, check out my posts on HubSpot and Pongr.

Many marketers today create buyer personas to better visualize their target consumers. Some statistics, like age, geography and income bracket, are relatively straightforward. However, marketers today have all sorts of tricks to get themselves into their audience’s frame of mind. One of my friends from marketing firm Holland-Mark asks her clients to picture what kind of car their customers most likely drive. Mark Schaefer, author of the Tao of Twitter and {grow} blog, asks his clients to compare their brand to a celebrity and their audience as someone who might relate to that celebrity.

Sonicbids, a social music marketing firm in Boston, would probably ask you what music your customers are most likely to listen to. After all, a Justin Bieber fan makes a much different buyer profile than a Grateful Dead concertgoer. After identifying your target market and goals, they would take that information to create an interactive experience involving your brand, a band and of course, fans. Here’s how they work.

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HubSpot: How Authority Translates into Sales

The second Boston company I’d like to profile is marketing software company HubSpot. I admire this company so much that I’ve applied for a job there. If you’d like to help me turn an application into a hire, tweet this article @HubSpot with the hashtag #HireLindseyHubSpot.

So, why HubSpot?

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Pongr: Capitalizing on the Photo-Sharing Craze

Since I’m back in Boston, I decided to profile three companies in the area that are doing interesting things in the marketing world. First up, Pongr!**

Photo-sharing is the most important social media trend of 2012.  Facebook purchased photo-sharing application Instagram for $1 billion, even though the acquired company had zero revenue.  A little company called Pinterest became the third most popular social media network in the US. From Facebook’s new Timeline layout to the introduction of the TwitPic app, a photo-sharing service for Twitter, the social media world is getting a lot more visual.  How do marketers capitalize on this photo-sharing craze?

Enter Pongr, the software service that connects brands and their fans through photos. Using image-recogonition technology, Pongr   filters through thousands of user-submitted photos, verifies pictures of branded product, and send fans back an appropriate response. Long story short, Pongr allows marketers to directly respond to the pictures people are taking of their product. Here’s how they explain what they do:

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Chris Colbert and the Concept of One Simple Thing

I recently had the pleasure of interviewing CEO Chris Colbert at his Boston marketing firm Holland-Mark. We discussed his revolutionary theory of branding: One Simple Thing (OST)–a concept I’ve brought up in a previous post. Not only did it get me thinking about my brand, How To Market To Me, but how I view other companies as well.

One Simple Thing: What it is and why it’s important

Here Colbert introduces the concept of OST and explains its importance to both consumers and company workers.

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How MTV Markets To Millennial Recruits

Reason #847 I love the internet: Meeting the president of MTV (in person!) with a single tweet.

  Stephen Friedman and I–life is unreal sometimes.

With the MTV Movie Awards airing later tonight, it’s the perfect time to take a closer look at one of the quintessential brands for 12-34 year olds.Early last month, I heard about  MTV’s first Boston recruiting event for summer interns and new graduates only. Considering MTV’s significance to previous generations and the fact that they are undergoing a major strategic repositioning to reach millennials, I had to be there! Thanks to Twitter and the amazing people at MTV Insights, my dream came true and I got the inside scoop.

Here’s how MTV, a channel reaching 100 million millennials, branded itself to young employee-hopefuls (like me!).
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Video Interview with Sam Sommers, Author of Situations Matter

What’s the best way to know how your customers think? Ask a social psychologist of course!

Today, I’m talking to Sam Sommers. He literally wrote the book on context-based thinking (my review here), blogs for Psychology Today, and, as an award-winning professor at Tufts University, works with college kids like me full-time.  Who better to talk to about getting in the college demographic’s head?

Check out this short video where we discuss the marketing applications behind the principles in his book.  Enjoy!

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The Hostess Effect: Why College Kids Splurge on Others, But Not Selves

Last week, I had my friend Rebecca over for dinner. Being grown up and all, I made her shepherd’s pie. Not to brag or anything, but it was delicious. Guess what I had for dinner the night after? Cereal. Then Easy Mac half an hour later.

Oh college nutrition.

The difference? One night, I was eating just for myself. The other night? Why, I was playing hostess! Continue reading

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Social Psychology and Marketing: What I Learned From Situations Matter

As an English dual major and self-proclaimed bookworm, I do my best to read as much as I can in my spare time. I recently stumbled upon Situations Matter by Sam Sommers**. The vibe is very similar to another of my favorite nonfiction writers, Malcolm Gladwell. Like Gladwell, Sommers covers social psychology phenomena in a very relevant and entertaining manner perfect for introductory readers.  Sommers, however, uses a lot more Seinfeld examples. Count me in!

Here’s a nifty youtube book preview (isn’t it wild that people are doing that?).

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Businesses Doing Good: Claris Networks

For some companies, a car breaking down is an excuse to come in late for work. For an IT firm called Claris Networks, it was a chance for the CEO and office to buy their colleague a new car, no strings attached. These are the kind of stories that make me proud to be from Knoxville, TN.  What a boss to have!

Thanks for reading! Lindsey Kirchoff

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