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Surprised? 3 American Brands Popular with Russian Millennials That You Wouldn’t Expect

Today I’m writing from Tallinn, Estonia during my trip to Russia and the Baltic states.  One of the many interesting things I noticed was which American brands are being reclaimed as “cool” by St. Petersburg millennials after the fall of the Iron Curtain.  Some, like McDonald’s and Levis, I expected to see. But these three brands took me by surprise. Continue reading

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How MTV Markets To Millennial Recruits

Reason #847 I love the internet: Meeting the president of MTV (in person!) with a single tweet.

  Stephen Friedman and I–life is unreal sometimes.

With the MTV Movie Awards airing later tonight, it’s the perfect time to take a closer look at one of the quintessential brands for 12-34 year olds.Early last month, I heard about  MTV’s first Boston recruiting event for summer interns and new graduates only. Considering MTV’s significance to previous generations and the fact that they are undergoing a major strategic repositioning to reach millennials, I had to be there! Thanks to Twitter and the amazing people at MTV Insights, my dream came true and I got the inside scoop.

Here’s how MTV, a channel reaching 100 million millennials, branded itself to young employee-hopefuls (like me!).
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What We Really Think: 8 Products Millennials “Won’t” Buy in the Future

Yahoo! Finance recently re-posted an article by 24/7 Wall St. entitled “Eight Products the Facebook Generation Will Not Buy“. As a member of the Facebook generation, I decided to weigh in on which of these products I think millennials will phase out and which ones will stick around. Continue reading

Why Millennials Watch Children’s Movies

I came home today to find my housemates watching Despicable Me.  Last night, while my girlfriends were all getting ready to go out, they were playing Disney songs on their Macs. I had to ask myself, why do millennials love children’s entertainment?

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Why More and More Millennials Drink Craft Beer

Even though I wrote about how wine and spirits are pretty popular with the twentysomething generation, beer still dominates. Yet probably not in the way you think. To conclude my spring break alcohol theme, here’s a breakdown of what beer millennials drink and the forces that influence those decisions. Continue reading

What We Really Think: Beer, Spirits and Wine

I’m writing this to you from sunny Florida and I couldn’t be happier. It’s spring break! The time for experiencing new cultures, soaking up the sun and…drinking.

Today, I’m writing about what current market research states about twentysomething drinking habits compared to what our habits actually are. First up, do millennials prefer beer, spirits or wine? Continue reading

How The Oscars Didn’t Market to Me–And Why That’s Okay

For the Oscars this year, my family and I decided to have a little competition.  In a ballot, we guessed who would win for each award category and whoever got the most correct guesses would get the $20 pool.

They get an Oscar, we get $20. Sounds about right.

Out of the 24 awards presented, the final scores at the end of the night were… Continue reading

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What We Really Think: Annonymous Reviews vs. Personal Recommendations

Anyone can do research on milllennials. But what we’re actually thinking? For that, you’d need to ask one. In the “What We Really Think” posts, I compare what the market research says I do to what I actually do. How close or far-off are they?

First up, how do millennials weigh online reviews from strangers to friends’ recommendations? Let the research/life experience battle begin!

Everyone knows that social media influences millennials’ purchasing decisions, but did you know that they just as likely to be swayed by anonymous comments on a company website?   According to this eMarketer report, twentysomethings rely just as much on strangers on the internet as they do their friends and family when it comes to getting the scoop on a company. In fact, they actually favor anonymous comments on a company website slightly higher than their own friends and family. Ouch.

Here’s what the data says.

I know you like this restaurant Aunt Sara, but proudfoodie86 only gave it two stars so….maybe next time?

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College Kids vs. Twentysomethings: Television Habits Part 2

In light of the Super Bowl, I wrote a two-part article about the difference between college kids’ and twentysomethings’ television habits. When you think about it, the twentysomething lifestyle is completely different from the college lifestyle– it makes sense that their television habits would be different as well. Yesterday, I covered college kids, who mostly watch television live for social events and through other mediums for personal use. But what about the twentysomethings? Play us in Jamie Cullum!

Story of my life.

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