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College Kids vs. Twentysomethings: Television Habits Part 1

With the Super Bowl on last night (an interesting time to be in Boston), I started to think about advertising on television. How effective are commercials at reaching college kids and twentysomethings?

This one makes me want to graduate. Without a mini-fridge.

Most of the time, I talk about college kids and twentysomethings interchangeably.  The two groups overlap frequently and tend to have a lot in common, so many times it makes sense to lump the two together. However, there are a few areas in which the two groups are very different. One of them is television habits. In this two-part article, I will explore the television habits of college kids and twentysomethings and how advertisers can play those habits to their advantage.

First up, college kids. Stay tuned for the second half on twentysomethings. Ready? Play ball!

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Why College Kids Are Cheap–And How It Benefits You! Part 2: Needs vs. Wants

When people think of college spending habits, it’s easy to just say “cheap”.  And yes, we are. But there’s more to it than that. In Part 1: No Brand Loyalty, I argued that one reason college kids are cheap is that purchasing habits aren’t developed yet, which provides an opportunity to hook a relatively “blank-slate” purchaser more susceptible to price and advertising. Now, I’d like to talk about what college kids actually do spend money on by breaking down purchases into…

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Why College Kids Are Cheap–And How It Benefits You! Part 1: No Brand Loyalty

Usually, when people think about about college purchasing habits, they think of one word: cheap. Everyone knows the stereotype of a cheap college kid. There’s some truth to it too. I have one friend who saves plastic utensils from Wendy’s instead of buying silverware. But to think of college kids are just “cheap” is missing a big part of the picture.  After all, while pinching pennies on some items, they are certainly willing to splurge on others. This meme sums up the discrepancy perfectly.

There’s multiple reasons that college kids and twentysomethings are cheap about some things and not about others. And understanding what those reasons are could help you cultivate a potential customer for life. Listening now? I’ve decided to do a mini-series on why college kids buy what they buy and where the opportunity lies. First up….

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